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BEST Registration

Welcome to SCHE Robotics. Below is information for registering for the BEST Robotics competition.

BEST is a robotics competition held in the Fall. The team meets once a week until the competition begins in late August. After the competition starts, the teams meets twice per week (Tuesday and Friday) until game day.

This competition is a great opportunity to be involved in a capstone project. BEST is centered about the task of designing a robot, however this is a small portion of the entire effort. The team needs specialized members who have a passion for what they do best. Browse below in the interests section for a sample of the types of skills that are needed.

Every member has a gift given by God, and the SCHE team will bring that out in them.

  •   Public Relations - Working with newspapers, television, radio, and schools to advertise team
      Fundraising - Coordinating fundraising and working with sponsors
      Research Writing - Writing a research paper about the task given
      Technical Writing - Turning designs on the robot and technical info into a notebook detailing all work
      Speech Writing - Writing speeches and powerpoint presentations
      Computer Aided Design - Using the computer to do technical drawings on the computer
      Computer Programming - Writing code to make the robot perform certain tasks
      Robot Design - Planning how to make the robot complete the task given
      Robot Construction - Building the robot
      Website Design - Designing and posting information to the team's website
      Photography - Taking pictures of all activities with the team
      Theme Design - Planning the theme as it relates to the competition task
      Set Design and Construction - Designing sets and building designs
      T-Shirt Design
      Drawing - Providing sketches and drawings to the various presentation groups
      Finance and Budgeting - Planning and tracking of the team's finances
      Art - Painting, Drawing, Scrapbooking