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For any of the software listed below, please contact Michael Lane ( to get a copy of the software. Some software is limited in the number times it can be installed.

easyCProgramming environment and compiler for the cortex. This software is required when using the Matlab/Simulink programming environment
MathematicaMathematica is a computational software program used to compute and plot mathematical formulas.
MatlabMatlab is mathematical software that also has a programming component. It is the default programming environment used by the SCHE BEST team. This software depends on easyC.
RobotCAnother software programming environment. This software is not used by the SCHE BEST team.
Solid EdgeCAD package for generating 3D models. Due to its educational-friendly license, this is the preferred CAD package for the SCHE BEST team.
SolidWorksCAD package for generating 3d models.


SCHE Science Fileserver

The SCHE Science BTSync for storing data. Anything and everything created electronically should be stored here. This is what we will use for historical archives. We have a great deal of drive space, so please make use of this so we don't lose information.

For information on accessing the BEST file storage, please visit the accessing the BTSync server page.

General Information

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