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SCHE Science Fileserver


Repositories: BEST Team Files, BEST Team Pictures.


If you already have the BTSync client installed on your PC, you can skip to Step 3.

Step 1

Download the BTSync client
Step 2

Install the BTSync client
Step 3

Run the BTSync client
Step 4

1) Click the “My Sync” tab.

2) Click the “Add Folder” button.
Step 5

1) Enter the Folder Secret provided by the mentors. The Folder Secret is specific for the repository that you are trying to access.

2) Click the Browse button and select the directory where you would like the files saved. All files saved to the directory you select here will be visible among all those using the BTSync client for this repository.

3) Click the “OK” button.
Step 6

That's it. Your client will contact the SCHE Science BTSync server and start downloading the files for the chosen repository.