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Part Kits

Consumable Kit Parts

NameAmountActual Measurement
Igus Donated parts
Z Energy Chain System®, P/N 05-4-038-0, with 2 mounting brackets (P/N 050-20-12)1 meter
DryLin® N Low Profile Linear Guide system, P/N NK01-27-2-4502
igubal® Flange Mount Spherical Bearing, 1/4", P/N EFOI-046
igubal® Pillow Block Mount Spherical Bearing, 1/4", P/N KSTI-046
igubal® 1/4" Rod End Bearing, 1/4"-28 Thread, P/N EBRI-046
DryLin® S, 1/4" diameter, hard anodized Aluminum Shaft, P/N AWI-04, 18 inch length2
Plastic and Metal Stock
1/4" thick polypropylene sheet 12" X 24"1
1/8" thick PVC Class 1 sheet 12" X 24"1
0.5" thick X 2" wide 6061-T6 aluminum flat, 12" long1
0.063" thick 5052-H32 aluminum sheet, 12" x 24"1
0.5" diameter 6061-T6 aluminum round, 24" long1
0.25" diameter AISI 1018 steel round, 24" long2
piano wire, 0.063" diameter, 2' long3
Wood and Foam Stock
15/32“ or 1/2” thick, BC grade, 2'X4' plywood1
5 mm thick Luan grade, or 7/32“ or 1/4” thick BC grade, 2'X4' plywood1
3/4“ rigid foam board insulation, 1' x 4'1
1” X 4“ #2 whitewood, 2 ft long2.75” x 3.5“
1/4” X 48“ hardwood dowel1
PVC pipe and fittings
1/2” schedule 40 PVC pipe, 5 ft long4
3/4“ schedule 40 PVC pipe, 5 ft long2
1" schedule 40 PVC pipe, 5 ft long2
4” PVC solid pipe, SDR 35 or ASTM D2729, 3 ft long (without integral coupling)1
1/2“ PVC 90 degree elbow (slip)10
1/2” PVC tee (slip)10
3/4“ PVC 90 degree elbow (slip)10
3/4” PVC tee (slip)10
1“ PVC 90 degree elbow (slip)6
1” PVC tee (slip)6
PVC cement, 4 oz or 8 oz1
2.5“ x 5/8” steel ZN, corner angle bracket4
2“ x 3/8” steel ZN, flat angle bracket4
1.5“H x 1-3/8”W x 0.05“ narrow hinge w/nonremovable pin & 4 screws2
6” x 6“ steel turntable, 400 lb to 500 lb capacity1
3/4” metal pipe hanger tape, 28 gauge, 10 ft long1
18 gauge stranded copper wire, red insulation, single conductor12ft
18 gauge stranded copper wire, black insulation, single conductor12ft
CAT3 24 gauge, 4 twisted pairs of conductor wire12ft
snap-plug terminals (bullet connectors), insulated, male (optional*)16
snap-plug terminals (socket for bullet connectors), insulated, female (optional*)16
quick-disconnect terminal, insulated, female, ~1/8“ wide (optional*)20
quick-disconnect terminal, insulated, female, ~3/16” wide (optional*)10
sub-mini snap action switch, SPDT, 0.1 A, Omron P/N SS-01GL13PT4
rotary potentiometer, linear, 10K ohm, 300°, panel mount, 6mm (approx.) shaft2
heat shrink tubing, 1/4“ OD expanded, 2:1 ratio, polyolefin, black2ft
11” long x 0.18“ wide nylon cable tie10
4” long x 0.1“ wide nylon cable tie20
Tape and Adhesives
vinyl electrical tape, 3/4” wide, 60 ft1
vinyl electrical tape, 3/4“ wide, 60 ft1
all purpose duct tape, 2” (or 1.88“) wide, 50 to 60 yd, (color optional)1
painters tape, 1” (or 0.94“) wide, 30 to 60 yd.1
carpenters wood glue, 4 oz1
5 minute epoxy, 0.85 oz1
Threaded fasteners
1/4"-20 threaded rod, 3' long, steel1
1/4"-20 hex nut, steel25
1/4" SAE flat washer, steel25
1/4" medium split lock washer, steel25
1/4-28 x 1" screw, nylon (mates with igus rod end)6
10-32 x 3/4" hex head, Grade 8 steel screws6
#8 - 32 machine screw nuts, steel100
#8 medium split lock washer, steel (optional*)25
#8 flat washer, steel100
#8 - 32 x 1 1/4" machine screw, steel, pan head, phillips100
#8 x 1" sheet metal screw, steel, hex head100
#6 x 1" wood screws, steel, flat head100
VEX motor mounting kit ( 4 mounts + screws)1
#8 - 32 x 1/4" machine screw, steel, pan head, socket20

Returnable Kit Parts

BEST Control System Kit (VEX 270-1605)

QtyItem DescriptionManufacturerPart Number
1Cortex MicrocontrollerVEX Robotics276-2194
1VEXnet JoystickVEX Robotics276-2192
2VEXnet 802.11 KeyVEX Robotics276-2245
1VEXnet Backup Battery HolderVEX Robotics276-2243
4Motor Controller 7.2V 4AVEX Robotics276-2193
2Large MotorVEX Robotics276-1611
2Small MotorVEX Robotics276-1610
27.2 V 3000 mAhr NiMH battery - modified w/ Powerpole connectorsVEX Robotics276-1491
1Cortex Battery Adapter (attached to Cortex)N/AN/A
1Charger Adapter (attached to charger)N/AN/A
6Screw Terminal Sensor Interface Cable (two wires)VEX Robotics276-1734
2 Screw Terminal Sensor Interface Cable (three wires)VEX Robotics276-3071
4Screw Terminal Motor Interface Cable (red and black wires)VEX Robotics276-1608
4Servo Power Adapter CableVEX Robotics276-2195
1Smart Battery Charger & power cordVEX Robotics276-1445, 276-1500
18-bay AAA Smart Battery Charger & power cordVEX Robotics276-1622
8AAA NiMH Rechargeable Batteries (installed in Joystick)VEX Robotics276-1696
1USB A-A CableVEX Robotics276-1403

BEST Servo Kit (VEX 270-1682)

QtyItem DescriptionManufacturerPart Number
4Futaba 3003/3004 ServoFutabaLXH288/LXZV41
4Servo horn screwTower HobbiesFUTM2260
1Large round servo hornTower HobbiesLXH362

BEST Motion Components Kit (VEX 270-4395)

QtyItem DescriptionManufacturerPart Number
4R4AZZ Ball Bearing (0.25 ID x 0.75 OD x 0.28 wide)N/A

HUB Provided

QtyItem DescriptionManufacturerPart Number
176mm roller blade wheel (78A to 82A) w/ bearings and 6mm spacerInline Warehouse

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