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HP Designjet 800


DescriptionRetail Link
Inkjet Presentation Bond , 24lb, 42“ x 150' w/ 2” coreAmazon

Printing Posters

  • Files need to be in PDF format
  • Standard poster backing print sizes are 36in x 24in
  • Standard DPI is either 200 or 300
  1. Open file in Acrobat Reader
  2. Choose File - Print
  3. Change Printer to “HP Designjet 800PS 42 by HP”
  4. Click Properties
  5. Under “Paper Options” click Custom
    1. Supply the size of the poster
    2. Click OK
  6. “Source is” should be Roll
  7. Click OK
  8. Under “Size Options”, choose Fit
  9. Verify the preview window lists the correct dimensions and the layout looks correct
  10. Click Print



Printed Colors Are Not Correct

When the printer sits idle for several months, the ink may start to dry. Running a few small print jobs through will usually clear the jets and allow normal printing.

If not, run the printer diagnostic:

  • Ink Menu - Enter - Troubleshooting - Enter

Printing PDF from Adobe Reader does not print

If printing a poster from Adobe Reader sends a print job of around 125Kb to the print spooler, try to print the PDF from LibreOffice Draw.