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Eclipse Team 2014

Elijah Maiers
Robot Construction Co Team Lead

Stephen Lane
Robot Construction Co Team Lead,
Research Paper

Isaac Collins
Photography and Video,
Booth Design, Graphic Design

Shamariah Lampkin
Notebook and Research Paper,
Booth Design Team Lead

Samuel Rose
Public Relations, Website Design,
Photography and Video

Zach Miller
Robot Construction, CAD,
Finances Team Lead

Aidan Crossler
CAD, Strategy, Robot Construction

Rebekah Lane
Public Relations, Finances,
Notebook and Research Paper,
Strategy Team Lead

Joshua Lane
Strategy, Robot Construction

Angelica Maiers
Team Co President,
Noteboook and Research Paper Team Lead

David Crossler
Photography and Video,
Theme, Booth Design

Christian Lampkin
Robot Construction

Audrey Willson
Photography and Video

Katelyn Collins
Notebook and Research Paper,
Graphic Design,
Programming Team Lead

Alex Wheeler
Robot Construction

Lori Jeffries
Robot Construction, Spirit and

Daniel Jeffries
Booth Design

John Michael Lane
Strategy, Theme,
Notebook and research Paper,
CAD Team Lead

Kennedy Pugh
Spirit and Sportsmanship

Shana Walker
Spirit and Sportsmanship Team Lead

KaDeen Ross
Scrapbook, Theme, Booth Design,
Spirit and Sportsmanship

Ryan Wilson

Ada Fulgham
Spirit and Sportsmanship,
Graphic Design Team Lead

Laura Leigh Hicks
Graphic Design

Dalton Fields
Robot Construction

Sean Driskill
Spirit and Sportsmanship

Vivienne Tenev
Graphic design, Spirit and Sportsmanship

Lilli Fulgham
Robot Construction, Safety Officer

Joy Payne
Theme, Booth Design, Spirit and Sportsmanship, Scrapbook

Carly Wells
Theme, Booth Design,
Spirit and Sportsmanship

Daniel Jones
Vice President,
Strategy, Marketing,
Public Relations Team Lead,
Photography and Video Team Lead

Ryan Jeffries
Team Co President,
Public Relations, Graphic Design
Theme Team Lead, Marketing Team Lead,

Mary Driskill
Booth Design,
Spirt and Sportsmanship