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This semester, SCHE Robotics will be teaming up with SHMC Band to design and build a robotic musical instrument.  If all goes well, this instrument will join the SHMC Band for their performance during the Spring Musical Showcase in April.

This project should be a lot of fun.  The kids will learn about the basic mechanical and electrical parts of robotic machines as well as how to program them to do simple tasks.  In our case, we will most likely be building a robotic percussionist to strike a bell or cymbal at a carefully prescribed time.  (It will be playing with a live band, so it may need some help with its timing.)

Since this is the first time we have attempted a project like this, we will try to keep the group size small in the hopes that we can stay focused on accomplishing a single project in a very short time span.  We are looking for five or six highly motivated kids (12 years or older) to help design, build, and program the robot.  Please see the sign-up page to register your interest.

We will most likely have our first meeting the week of (Jan. 27-Feb. 2) to get organized, and then proceed from there.

More information to come….