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SCHE BEST Competition

SCHE will once again be participating in Mississippi BEST. BEST is a robotics competition where students plan and build a robot to perform a task. The task will be revealed at the kickoff, which is scheduled for Saturday, September 6th. The team will have six weeks to complete the given task in order to be ready for the competition. SCHE will be competing against other schools from around the state.

The competition is broken into two parts. The first is a contest to see which robot is most efficient at a certain task. The second part of the competition allows students to discuss the process of what they learned and make oral presentations.

In order to get started, we need students who are interested in the actual build process. This is hands on planning and construction. Of course, electronics are involved, but students shouldn’t be discouraged from applying due to a lack of knowledge. Coaches and mentors will give instruction on how the various components work, and offer suggestions for the tough spots. Creativity, tenacity, and a willingness to learn are all that is required. Students involved in this process must keep a log book of the build process to be turned in during the competition.

The build process isn’t all drills and saws. Those with a knack towards computers will find plenty of opportunities to use their skills. This includes programming, website design, and working with digital photos.

Students who enjoy writing are very much needed and are encouraged to apply. The build process has to be documented and speeches have to be written. The documents will be brimming with technical details, but for someone with a creative flair, you may be able to make the information savory and interesting.

Do you have a gift in art? We have been blessed with incredible artists that have painted murals and posters (two who graduated this year). Our main scrapbooking student also graduated this year. If you enjoy taking a theme or idea and making it come alive, you will find a wonderful opportunity awaits you.

Perhaps your talents lie in music. Fabulous! We need students interested in participating on a pep band during the competition to keep everyone’s’ spirits up.

For those of you with a gift for designing, we need you too. We need display booths, recruiting booths, Powerpoint presentations, promotional literature, and marketing information created. This is also a wonderful opportunity for those of you who are great at public speaking to get involved.

The schedule will be as follows:

September 6th: Kickoff: We will receive the kits and instructions for the competition
October 11th: Test day: The course will be set up so the robot can be tested. It is also a good time to scope out the other robots.
October 17th and 18th: Game day: May the best robot win.

Meetings will be on Tuesdays and Fridays following the kickoff.

This competition is geared for junior high to high school students, but SCHE has a strong history of having younger students participate. It is a great opportunity for the older students to mentor the younger students. Please note that anyone under the age of 13 is welcome to participate, but will need to have a parent or other guardian to participate as well. Students can register for the team by visiting the following site:

We are also looking for additional mentors and coaches. The only thing required is enthusiasm. The students do the planning and building. They just need a gentle nudge and helpful idea every now and again. It really is fun, and the more adults we have, the better the students will do, since they will have more personal attention. Please consider volunteering. Send an email to Michael Lane ( to be added to the team email list.